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Welcome on the Euro-QSO website!

On this page, you will find the reports history and a lot of technical or general information. Please take a minute to sign the guest book, we are interested in your feedbacks to improve our site. Thanks for your visit!

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Last update 26.02.2019.

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Euro-Net Skeds: please consider Summer/Winter time! (CET = Central Europe Time)

Monday 05h30 3753 kHz +/- QRM
Friday 05h30 3753 kHz +/- QRM

Everybody is welcome! Please feel free to call us on the air. For those who cannot transmit on HF, there is also the possiblity to catch the Net-controller HB9HFL Giovanni on the "Ulmitzberg" local VHF repeater on 145.650 MHz or on the "Gibloux" local UHF repeater on 439.000 MHz. Many thanks for participating!

Please take a few minutes to sign the Guest book ! I will put the old guest book entries on this site to remember the history and to remember Gino HB9SIN, who is silent key. If you have some ideas or any content to add, please send me or Giovanni HB9HFL an email. I spent MANY hours to get this first version online, so I hope you will come back from time to time... TNX es VY 73 de David HB9TMW, webmaster.

Our new website has now launched on the web! We will be updating it in the future as soon as we have time, ideas or articles. If you have any comments or want something to be published on the site, please send us an !

Feel also free to visit my personal page

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Welcome on the EURO-QSO web page!