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Since 22.05.2006
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I was born in Italy, near Torino. Came to Switzerland in 1967, and studied electronics at the engineer school in Geneva.

Now working in the Systems Engineering, data acquisition and Telecommunications with the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss) as responsible for the national monitoring center of the meteorological networks (CSNat).

My hobbies are radio (HF-VHF-UHF, DX, mobile operation, digital modes and APRS, satellites communications, building equipments...) and photography, computers, meteorology , modern-languages ...

I'm also active in politics (Parti Chretien Social) and human rights (Amnesty International & Unesco).

Well, I wish you all the best and good luck , ciao!

Giovanni Converso / HB9HFL

Eligio (my dad) and Gio. (Cossila, Italy, 1952)
Gio at 2 years old (Cossila, Italy, 1953).
Caterina (my mamma) and Gio. (Cossato, Italy, 1954).
Paola (my sister) and Gio (Sestriere, Italy, 1968)
Gio and Etienne and the fantastic Citroen 2CV (Epalinges Switzerland, 1970).
My first amateur radio station by the glorious firm GELOSO!!! (Cossila, Italy, 1970)."
Solid  state PA VHF 25W FM  connected to the "Bird" wattmeter      (final work  for the engineering degree of Gio. Geneva, 1972).
Gio working on the solid state PA VHF 25W FM (final work for the engineering degree. Geneva, 1972).  
Etienne and Gio on the African beach (Ivory Coast, 1974)
Etienne and Gio on the roads of Africa (Ghana, 1974) 
Holidays in Kenya! (1977)
Gio. the operator of the station I1CJG... (Biella, Italy, 1978)
The I1CJG station with the operator (1979)
Gio the driver of a military Jeep for radio communications (Swiss Army, 1979)
Gio. in the Swiss Army! (1979). My captain always called me "the Italian soldier"...
Automatic weather station ANETZ (1981, Cimetta, Ticino)
Marina (10 years old) testing the HEIL Goldline GM-5 Microphone (2006)
Gio's shack (2006)
Display of my transceiver ICOM IC-7400 (noise level at 3.753 MHz in my QTH) 
HF Linear Amplifier AMERITRON AL-800H 
Amplifier AMERITRON AL-800H  and  Tuner AMERITRON ATR-30
Amplifier AMERITRON AL-800H with 2 ceramic tubes EIMAC 3CX800-A7
VHF Linear Amp. HENRY RADIO 2002-A (1 KW output)
VHF Linear Amp. HENRY RADIO 2002-A (with the ceramic tube Eimac 3CX800A7)
Antennas HB9HFL (QTH Posieux, canton Fribourg
Gio's  QSL (1994)
Gio in the VHF/UHF contest!
Souvenir of the fantastic QSO with ARISS (2006)
Marina writing an e-mail on her PC (2006)
10 kW ceramic tube
Swiss Museum of Transport and Communication (Lucern) : Swiss Racing car F1-Sauber (2005)
Marina and Gio (Fribourg, 2006). 
"Forza Italia!" Marina who celebrates the victory of the Italian team "Squadra azzurra" world champion of football (July 2006).
The station  HB9HFL  with the operator (Posieux, 2011)
Giovanni, thanks for running the Euro-Net for 17 years with so much passion and fidelity!
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