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There are few links at the present time, so send us your favorite HAM links in order to complete the list! Please not that those links are external ones and do not belong to the Euro-QSO site content / owners.

Clubs Radio Amateurs Vaudois Club of Geneva Club of Fribourg French speaking HAM ARRL Logbook of The World Québec, Canada Neuchatel club Section Montagnes Neuchateloises St-Cergue
Information All modifications Callbook About antennas Office Fédéral de la communication Official PSK31 site Excellent product reviews & articles Marconi Technical Information for Hams HOMEBREW ANTENNAS LINKS End-Fed Antennas etc. Coil-Loaded Vertical Antennas Marconi Marconi Marconi John GELOSO Marconi A valuable toolbar for hams F2FO's site aboute power triodes Solar Cycle 24 has now it's own website “Geloso S.p.A” More “Geloso S.p.A” Antenna tests on 160m  GRAMI
Hardware Hardware supply Hardware supply
Gigaparts Hardware supply
R & L electronic Hardware supply
Inrad IF filters
Wimo In Germany
Heil Excellent microphones
PY4ZBZ DIGTRX Darmstadt University, DRM DRM N1MM, excellent free contest logger Morse learning software CW player HAMSCOPE multimode software HAMRADIO DELUXE Some kind of PACTOR, but free MixW (multimode) APRS Winpacket RXclus (packet)
Ham pages HB9GCE Andy HB9TMW David HB9SLO Berti HB9HLM André HB3YNV Cédric I0DJV Aldo HB9TWU IZ0THN HB9HLI F5AD

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