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Computer oldies - HB9SIN (Gino)

The YAM ! (packet-radio modem 1200/9600) - HB9SIN

My FIRST PC ! Always here in my shack !
The MZ80K is an integral unit having video display and cassette unit built in to the keyboard housing.  It uses a Sharp LH-0080 processor ( Z80A Compatible) with a clock speed of 2 MHz . There is a 10" monochrome display showing 25 x 40 characters or 80 x 50 pixels. The system also has a considerable number of graphic characters. The keyboard is a none standard layout and uses 79 keys. The system has an integral speaker with three octave tone generator and comes with 20K of RAM in its basic form .  There is no resident high level language - this has to be loaded from cassette or optional disk. There is however a 4K monitor ROM. The system can be expanded internally to 48K. An expansion interface allows up to five peripherals to be connected - disk, printer RS232C etc. Language (cassette: Basic, Fortran, Assembler). It was modified for HAM (CW - RTTY rx/tx)
The 2nd
The Commodore VIC 20
My 3th
The Commodore C64
My 4th
My 5th
The Commodore C128DThe FIRST IBM PC
My 6th
The YAM ! (packet-radio modem 1200/9600)
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