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PE1ODY 29 Jul 2018 20:02
Send an email to PE1ODY   QRV 50:150 MHz TS 2000 100 WATT 3 ELM ANT

PA1KE 15 Jun 2018 06:26
Send an email to PA1KE   It was really fun participating in the Euro QSO group this morning.
Lovely people, many languages.
Thanks to all participants. I felt very welcome an hope to meet them again soon.

HB9HFL 25 Mar 2018 22:08
Send an email to HB9HFL Visit HB9HFL's website   Object : Euro-Net QSO & SUMMER TIME !

Hello everybody !

Just a small reminder for the Euro-QSO of tomorrow morning :

ATTENTION: on the SUMMER TIME the Euro-QSO begin at 3:30 UTC
It means at 5:30 "Central Europe Time" the SAME TIME AS USUAL !

I wish you all a very good evening and see you all tomorrow morning.

Best greetings, ciao-ciao, mandi-mandi !

Cordially yours,

Gio. HB9HFL 8-)


A M A T E U R - R A D I O - S T A T I O N - H B 9 H F L
- Operator: Giovanni Converso, Ing. ETS
- QTH: Schiffenen (Switzerland)
- Tél. mobile: +41 79 793 33 20
- E-mail:
- DMR ID: 2283126

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PE1ODY 19 Jan 2018 08:04
Send an email to PE1ODY   QRV 3,6 TO 28 MHz
6 mtr 50 MHz TS 2000 3 EL 100 WATT'S

HB9HFL 29 Dec 2017 23:19
Send an email to HB9HFL Visit HB9HFL's website   SEASON'S GREETINGS !

Dear friends of the Euro-QSO,

BAD conditions for the Euro-QSO of Friday 29th December 2017 ! Triste

The main feature being that the "skip" was very long. I heard
some stations of Europe with very weak signals and very difficult
to understand... but at 4:50 (UTC) I was able to contact our
friend Fernand (VE2ZV, near the city of Ottawa). I listened Fern
with a good signal : 59 and he gave me : 59. I was very happy !!! Sourire

The end of this year 2017 is close and I take the opportunity to
thank you all for your friendship and solidarity during this year.

I would like to thank our Webmaster David ( HB9TMW) for the
excellent work done on our beautiful Website. Merci bcp David !!! Finger

This year we also celebrated 20 years of our Euro-QSO and I am
particularly proud and I hope we shall continue this fantastic
adventure for a very long time... (Maybe to celebrate 40 years ?) Finger

Many thanks also for your QSL cards, SMS, WhatsApp, e-mails... Sourire

Attached you will find some recordings of Claudia (HB9FKL)
on the SDR receiver of Andorra. Mille grazie cara Claudia !!! Finger

I wish you all and families a healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2018 !

Have a wonderful weekend and best greetings from Switzerland.

See you on Monday 1st January for the 1st Euro-QSO of 2018 !!!

Cordially yours,

Gio. HB9HFL Cool

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on6cp 30 Aug 2017 23:37
Send an email to on6cp   Hi Chaps, I took part of the euro-qso , incedentely , for the first time :
it was a big reveiling experiance ! Sourire
I follow this in the near future !

HB9HFL 06 Aug 2017 17:49
Send an email to HB9HFL Visit HB9HFL's website   Subject: Our Euro-QSO WEBSITE has beeen updated !

Dear friends of the european QSO,

I'm very happy to inform you that our Euro-QSO WEBSITE
has beeen updated with the articles of my visit at the
HAMRADIO convention in F'hafen. On the pics you can
see many friends of our beautiful "Euro-QSO" group :

Thanks to our excellent WEBMASTER David (HB9TMW) ! Sourire

Please send us your articles, pics, biographies and sign
the guestbook. All your comments are welcome and we
appreciate very much your contribution to our Website !!!

Dear friends, I hope to hear you soon on our "Mythical Frequency"... Sourire

Best greetings from Switzerland !

Friendly yours,

Gio. HB9HFL 8-)

F4EAN 20 Mar 2017 00:04
Send an email to F4EAN Visit F4EAN's website   Object: The 20th ANNIVERSARY of the Euro-QSO !

Bonjour Gio,

Merci tout d'abord pour tout les reports que tu me fait parvenir régulièrement, déjà vingt ans pour l'histoire de l'Euro-QSO c'est super !!!

J'en profite donc pour te souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire pour ce QSO, en tout cas une belle histoire d'amitié qui en fêtera d'autres j'en suis sûr au fils des années...

Pardonnez moi de ne pas y assister régulièrement car l'Om ici est un gros dormeur impénitent ! Mais je ne manquerais pas de temps en temps de te saluer ainsi
que tout les amis qui animent ce qui deviendra le légendaire Euro-QSO !!! Sourire

73' Gio à très bientôt sur l'air.

F4EAN Christian Sourire

HB9HFL 13 Mar 2017 08:42
Send an email to HB9HFL Visit HB9HFL's website   The 20th ANNIVERSARY of the Euro-QSO !

Dear friends of the Euro-QSO,

Next Monday (13th March 2017) we shall celebrate the 20th anniversary
of the Euro-QSO !!! For this happy and historic event we shall print
a special QSL card (attached) and many thanks to David (HB9TMW)
for this very beautiful and original design ! Dear David thanks also
for the excellent work done on our interesting Euro-QSO Website !

The history of the Euro-QSO is briefly described on our Website :

< >

Let us have a thought for all the friends who are passed away :

< >

May God bless all these friends and their families.

Dear friends, I hope to hear you soon on our "Mythical Frequency"...

Friendly yours,


HB9HFL 23 Jan 2017 00:19
Send an email to HB9HFL Visit HB9HFL's website   In Memory of Gene CERNAN...

Dear friends of the european QSO,

A good team for the Euro-Net QSO of Friday 20th January 2017.

Conditions were good enough !

Sorry, I lost the sheet of my reports but I copied almost all the stations in spite
of my short temporary vertical antenna.

Attached you will find some pics in memory of GENE CERNAN (dead last week).

GENE was the last man to walk on the Moon. I remember very
well this fantastic event on December 1972 (APOLLO-17 Mission).

R.I.P. dear GENE.


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